All Nations Two-Spirit Society

 In modern-day Oklahoma, the largest concentration of Indigenous people across Turtle Island resides within its colonized borders. More than 50 Indigenous nations claim Oklahoma as their home, with 39 recognized for their sovereignty by the US government.

As we reclaim our presence on this land, we also reclaim our traditional roles within indigenous societies, including that of Two-Spirit people. No single English term can fully capture the diverse and ancient conceptions of gender held by First Nations. Even the term “Two-Spirit” implies a binary understanding of gender that does not align with our Indigenous perspectives.

Our nations, cultures, languages, and genders are diverse, yet what binds us as Two-Spirit people is our commitment to decolonize mindsets and restore the ancient understanding of IndigiQueer as healers and peacemakers who bring balance to the world. To uphold and celebrate these sacred roles, we establish the All Nations Two-Spirit Society under the Indigenous Arts Alliance, dedicated to healing, education, celebration, and honoring for the benefit of all.