Artist Hub

Introducing the Indigenous Art Hub and Creative Makers Studio

Established in 2023 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Indigenous Arts Alliance – Art Hub and Creative Studio was ignited by the vision of founder Cray Bauxmont-Flyn.  Sensing the void of Indigenous representation in Oklahoma’s vicinity and artistic circles, Cray embarked on a mission to cultivate a dynamic space celebrating Indigenous Ingenuity.  This hub and makers studio serve as a vibrant canvas for diverse artistic expressions, encompassing exhibitions, music, poetry readings, film screenings, and culinary experiences.

Today, Cray remains resolute in his founding vision, dedicated to championing and nurturing Indigenous arts from all tribal nations.  As an active artist himself, he leverages his platform to amplify the voices of fellow Indigenous creatives.

Where creativity, culture, and community converge.

At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to honoring and elevating Indigenous voices and visions.

Through strategic partnerships, advocacy initiatives, and innovative programming, we strive to amplify the impact and visibility of Indigenous arts on local, national, and international stages.

Join us as we celebrate the resilience, diversity, and beauty of Indigenous cultures through the transformative power of artistic expression.

Join us in rallying behind the Indigenous Arts Alliance Art Hub and Creative Studio.