Immerse Yourself

Immerse Yourself

in the captivating stories, conversations, and insights from the Indigenous arts community through our exclusive podcast series “Beyond the Art“.

Join us as we journey into the hearts and minds of Indigenous artists, creators, and cultural leaders, exploring the diverse perspectives, traditions, and experiences that shape their work. From intimate interviews to thought-provoking discussions, each episode offers a window into the rich tapestry of Indigenous arts and culture.

Hosted by Cray himself, this captivating show delves deep into the stories, inspirations, and challenges faced by Indigenous artists from a myriad of mediums and tribal nations. With each episode, “Beyond the Art” shines a spotlight on the remarkable talents and cultural richness within the Indigenous artistic community.

In a world hungry for authentic voices and diverse perspectives, “Beyond the Art” fulfills a crucial need by providing a platform for Indigenous artists to share their stories with a global audience.  As the show streams on YouTube, it reaches viewers far and wide, offering exposure and recognition to artists who may otherwise go unseen and unheard.  By amplifying these voices, “Beyond the Art” not only celebrates Indigenous creativity but also fosters understanding, connection, and appreciation across cultures.

Tune in, listen, and be inspired as we celebrate the power of storytelling and connection in preserving and sharing Indigenous wisdom, resilience, and creativity. Join us in rallying behind the Indigenous Arts Alliance, and tune in to “Beyond the Art” on YouTube to experience the transformative power of Indigenous storytelling through art.