Rising Voices

Rising Voices

IAA Youth Leadership program

The IAA Youth Leadership program offers a comprehensive approach to empowering, educating, and enriching Indigenous and Native American youth through culturally rooted initiatives.

Our Empowerment sector focuses on fostering leadership skills and cultural pride, pairing youth with community elders for mentorship while engaging in traditional teachings and ceremonies that strengthen identity and community connections.

In the Education sector, our curriculum integrates Indigenous values into leadership development, interactive learning, and reflective exercises, preparing youth to be stewards of their communities through hands-on service projects that promote empathy and sustainable practices.

Finally, our Enrichment programs celebrate Indigenous heritage through intergenerational arts workshops, cultural enrichment sessions, and wellness programs that honor traditions, promote holistic well-being, and preserve ancestral knowledge. Together, these sectors create a transformative learning environment that equips youth with the skills, knowledge, and cultural pride necessary to thrive as future leaders and advocates for Indigenous communities.

The IAA Youth Leadership program is dedicated to empowering, educating, and enriching Indigenous and Native American youth through comprehensive initiatives that build leadership skills, preserve cultural heritage, and foster community engagement. Through mentorship, education, and cultural enrichment, participants develop a strong sense of identity, leadership capabilities, and a commitment to serving their communities with integrity and cultural pride.


Empowerment within the IAA Youth Leadership program is centered on cultivating strong leadership qualities and fostering a deep sense of cultural identity among Indigenous and Native American youth. Through mentorship from esteemed community elders and leaders, participants gain invaluable wisdom and guidance rooted in traditional teachings and ceremonies. These interactions not only impart essential leadership skills but also instill a profound understanding of their roles within their communities and the importance of preserving cultural heritage. Youth engage in leadership roles within community initiatives that range from cultural revitalization projects to environmental conservation efforts, ensuring they emerge as confident leaders equipped to enact positive change rooted in Indigenous values.

Education within our program is designed to empower youth through a curriculum that integrates Indigenous values and teachings into every aspect of learning. Our Leadership and Character Education Curriculum focuses on building essential skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making, all grounded in cultural ethics and community responsibility. Interactive workshops and reflective exercises encourage critical thinking and personal growth, while hands-on service projects provide opportunities for youth to apply their learning to real-world challenges. By promoting empathy and sustainable practices through community service, our program prepares youth to become compassionate leaders who honor their cultural heritage while making meaningful contributions to society.



Enrichment activities within the IAA Youth Leadership program celebrate and preserve Indigenous heritage through a variety of engaging initiatives. CORE Workshops foster intergenerational connections by pairing youth with elders in collaborative art projects and cultural exchanges that pass down traditional knowledge and skills. Cultural Enrichment Workshops delve into themes of wellness, identity, and artistic expression, offering participants opportunities to explore and celebrate their cultural identities through traditional arts, language revitalization efforts, and storytelling. These programs not only strengthen cultural pride and resilience but also promote holistic well-being and community cohesion, ensuring that youth and elders alike benefit from shared experiences and a deeper appreciation of Indigenous traditions.

Unlock your creative potential

Deepen your Understanding

Unlock your creative potential and deepen your understanding of Indigenous arts with our innovative education and programming initiatives. Our programs are designed to provide enriching opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds to connect, learn, and grow through the power of education and cultural exchange. Here’s how we do it:

IAA Leadership and Character Education

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our IAA Leadership and Character Education Curriculum is a cornerstone of our commitment to empowering BIPOC youth. Through this program, we focus on fostering essential character strengths and leadership skills that help scholars navigate their educational journeys and beyond.

Community Service and Service Learning

Building Stronger Communities Together

Service learning is integral to our mission, providing scholars with meaningful ways to engage with their communities. Our program encourages participants to plan and execute community service projects, fostering empathy and social responsibility.

Sprat Workshops: Intergenerational Creative Expression

Connecting Generations Through Art

Our Sprat Workshops create dynamic interactions between youth and senior citizens through creative expression. These sessions are designed to provide mental, physical, and social benefits, fostering connections and enhancing well-being.

Cultural Enrichment Workshops

Celebrating Heritage and Identity

We offer a range of workshops that deepen participants’ connections to their cultural heritage. These sessions focus on Indigenous culture and other BIPOC traditions, providing a safe space for exploring and celebrating identity.

Wellness Program for Indigenous Youth

Embracing Identity and Community

Our Wellness Program is designed to create a supportive environment where Indigenous youth can connect with their heritage and embrace their identities. This immersive experience includes a variety of activities that promote well-being and community connection.

Two-Generational Success and Economic Mobility

Empowering Families for Long-Term Success

We believe in a whole-family approach to fostering economic mobility and educational equity. Our two-generational success model supports both youth and their families, providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.

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Our diverse programs are more than just educational opportunities—they are pathways to building stronger, more connected communities. Whether you’re a young scholar eager to grow, a senior seeking meaningful engagement, or an individual interested in exploring cultural heritage, we have something for you.

Join us as we foster creativity, resilience, and cultural exchange through the power of education and collaboration.

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